With Halloween right around the corner, have you started giving some thought to your costume? Maybe you’re on a budget and dreading the idea of spending gobs of money on an outfit you’ll only wear once. You may want to consider making your own Halloween costume this year. Not only can this save a significant amount of money, but it can also be more fun! One simple t-shirt is really all you need to make the perfectly memorable costume. Here are some reasons to create a DIY Halloween costume with your own custom t-shirt:

Long-term wear. One of the best parts about a custom t-shirt for your costume is that you can wear it long after the Halloween holiday. Whether you wear it for workouts, as pajamas, or for casual dress, you’ll be sure to get your money’s worth out of your t-shirt. As you consider t-shirt designs, choose a pattern that not only makes for a great costume, but represents your general style so you’ll be inclined to wear it again.

Group-themed costumes. Going group trick-of-treating or bar crawling? Gather your best buds and get creative with a group costume idea, such as different colored M&M’s or members of your favorite sports team. Creating your t-shirt design is a fun activity to do together and will give everyone in your group of friends an opportunity to be part of the Halloween excitement –  even if they’re on tight budgets. The best part is that everyone can hold on to their t-shirts as a keepsake and wear them after Halloween to remember the night.

Cost savings. A custom t-shirt will cost significantly less than most Halloween costumes sold in stores. With an adult Halloween costume costing an average of $74, your customized t-shirt will cost you at least half the price. You’ll love saving money for a product that you’ve personally designed yourself. Not to mention, you’ll save time by not having to try on dozens of costume sizes at the store!

Ready to create your DIY costume? Start designing your own t-shirt with Shirt Pickle’s user-friendly design studio today!

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