Do you want to gain more control in the way you express yourself? Shirt Pickle provides a fun and creative space to design your own custom shirt at an affordable price. Specializing in small order, direct-to-garment printing, Shirt Pickle allows you to bring your own t-shirt ideas to life. Here are three ideas for how you can use Shirt Pickle to express your style and design a one-of-a-kind look:

  1. Show off your school pride. A custom t-shirt makes for the perfect alumni memorabilia. Let your school pride shine and choose from our database of college logos, including fraternity and sorority designs. With an abundance of college and campus design art at your fingertips, you’ll see how easy it is to design a shirt you can be proud of. Not only will you be able to customize the shirt of your choice, but you’ll spend far less money than you would at a typical college store!
Sorority Style and Greek life
Mom and baby matching t-shirts in style.

2. Make a unique gift. Why go to the mall for your best friend’s birthday gift when you can create your own personalized present? Some unique t-shirt design ideas may include a photo of you and your friend; lyrics from your favorite song; or a meaningful quote. No matter what type of look you’d like to capture, Shirt Pickle can accommodate almost any design, allowing you to select from an endless library of graphics and fonts. Your custom t-shirt is sure to put any generic gift to shame!

3. Spark some team spirit. Are you on a local sports team? Show some team loyalty and design a t-shirt with your team’s mascot or slogan. Through Shirt Pickle’s design platform, you can easily upload logo files and add your own graphic elements for a truly original look. With Shirt Pickle, you can even choose from several types of apparel products, including tank-tops, hoodies, and sweatshirts. Once your teammates see your swag, they’ll be inspired to create t-shirts of their own. Make it a group effort and spark some team spirit at your next game!

Team shirts spark team spirit and unique style.

With a custom t-shirt, the possibilities are endless. Start creating your own epic shirt today! At Shirt Pickle, we can accommodate any order size with no minimum order requirement. Check out our design studio and get started today!

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