Our own Tom Pickles contributed to the article entitled “Green Solutions” for Printwear Magazine’s April 2018 issue.  In it, you will find tips for creating your own sustainability plan to reduce your shop’s footprint on the environment as well as challenges facing the printing industry.

Read the full article HERE and find out more about “green washing” and how to avoid it in your shop.  What are you doing in 2018 to “go green” and is it really enough?


Here at Shirt Pickle, we keep the environment top of mind in several aspects of our daily operations.  How we impact the world around us isn’t limited to the water-based inks we use in DTG (Direct to Garment) printing.

What else are we doing?

  • Reducing copy paper usage by not printing out work orders and invoices
  • Utilizing our city’s streamlined recycling program for paper, plastic, and cardboard
  • Reusing packaging – boxes, bubble wrap, and cardboard
  • Carpooling to and from the shop
  • Eliminating bottled water in favor of refillable containers

Not only is it the right thing to do for the environment, but as a small business, it’s also great for the bottom line.  I strongly encourage your green practices and strategies to include learning how to maximize your supplies and equipment to get the longest life out of each product.  Adjusting a simple setting could mean using less ink and thereby reordering it less often.

We would love to hear your best practices for reducing energy usage, reusing supplies, and how you save money in the process.  Comment and share below!

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