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Dyngus Day – a serious tradition rooted in fun.  And no one does it better than Buffalonians!

One of the things I love about living in Western New York is our pride.  The Chamber of Commerce even wrote a song about it back in the ‘80s:

We are proud of our chicken wings, our weather, and if you speak badly about our Bills or Sabres, well, we will have some choice words for you, too!

Parades, parties and festivals mark our diverse cultural heritages; one of the most unique celebrations is coming up just a week from today – yes, it’s Dyngus Day.  To mark this occasion, my wife reached back into her Eastern European roots and created this new design.

We call it Pussy Willow Propaganda and it is available to purchase here:

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Growing up in the Buffalo area, I always knew about Dyngus Day but didn’t know all the history that influences today’s traditions. So, I dove into the internet to learn more about this holiday also known as Wet Monday.


In 966 A.D., Prince Mieszko I of Poland was baptized on the Monday after Easter bringing Catholicism to Poland.  This is believed to be the beginning of Dyngus Day. As time passed, guys decided it would be a good idea to throw buckets of water on girls, you know, to get them to like us and if that didn’t work we would hit them with pussy willows.

Flash forward 1000 years or so and we have evolved to the point where us guys use squirt guns instead of buckets but we still snap girls with switches and what not.  But don’t worry ladies, you get your chance at redemption because, as tradition has it, on the Tuesday after Dyngus Day you get to throw pots and pans at the guys.  AHHHH, to be young and in love!


Dyngus Day Celebrations

Dyngus Day traditions in Eastern Europe.

Here in Buffalo, NY, the Un- Official Dyngus Day Capital, we have one of the biggest Dyngus Day festivals around.   From hand-made pirogi and butter lambs at the Broadway Market to polka dancing at St. Stanislaus Church, Polish & Ukranian heritage is on full display.

So, if you can’t be in Buffalo to celebrate this year, here is a link that lists the 10 (Other) Best Places to Celebrate Dyngus Day.

Na Zdrowie!

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