When you are searching for the perfect gift, a custom t-shirt is an easy and fun solution. In just a few minutes, you can take an idea and craft it into a wearable gift that will be enjoyed long after the wrapping paper has been recycled. We came up with seven creative ideas to get you started on your personalized t-shirt adventure. Who on your list might fit in one of these categories?

  • The Business Owner – Few things are more satisfying to a business owner starting out than seeing their logo on a t-shirt. Logo apparel boosts visibility and recognition as we outlined in our previous blog post (here).
  • The BFF – When you and your bestie have a million inside jokes and a language all your own, surprise them by turning a special word or phrase into a hilarious tee only the two of you will understand.
  • The New Parent – A comfy tee for a tired Mama Bear, or matching t-shirt / onesie combo for the new dad are perfect ideas for custom gifts. Adding baby’s name or picture are sweet ways to personalize, too.
  • The Hobbyist – Whether your recipient is into gaming, music, sports, or collecting, a custom t-shirt will reflect their personality by showing off their favorite past time.
  • The Grandparent – Let’s face it, grandparents can’t get enough of their grandkids’ cute little faces. Why not make a photo shirt or add little hand prints to remember them by? Then, take it over the top by including their special name – “Best Yiayia Ever” or “World’s Greatest Bebe”.
  • The Sassy One – We all have that friend or family member who has gotten more than their share of sarcasm.  Sassy sayings are always popular for custom t-shirts and choosing a fun font can make for a simple yet personal shirt they will love to wear.
  • The Artist – Turn a child’s drawing or your own professional artwork into a unique gift this holiday season. Just scan the work into a digital file and upload to the Design Studio. A genuine one-of-a-kind tee is the thoughtful way to gift this year

Share your ideas and give a custom t-shirt a try.  It’s never too early to create a unique and thoughtful gift that will be cherished and appreciated.

–Shirt Pickle, Inc.

Photo t-shirts are perfect for Fur Moms & Dads
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