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7 Custom T-shirt Ideas For The Perfect Holiday Gift

7 CUSTOM T-SHIRT IDEAS FOR THE PERFECT HOLIDAY GIFT When you are searching for the perfect gift, a custom t-shirt is an easy and fun solution. In just a few minutes, you can take an idea and craft it into a wearable gift that will be enjoyed long after the wrapping...

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Green Solutions: Sustainability in Today’s Print Shop

Our own Tom Pickles contributed to the article entitled "Green Solutions" for Printwear Magazine's April 2018 issue.  In it, you will find tips for creating your own sustainability plan to reduce your shop's footprint on the environment as well as challenges facing...

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D2 Insights I Wish I’d Known

by Tom Pickles | Printwear Magazine | January 18, 2018 Welcome to 2018. Here at Shirt Pickle, 2018 means that we are entering our third year in business and boy have we learned a lot in the previous two years. There have been plenty of times, especially in the first...

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Direct-to-Garment Printer Maintenance Tips and Costs

by Tom Pickles for Printwear Magazine | July 10, 2017 Maintenance in direct-to-garment (D2) printing will either make or break your business. If you don’t do it, do it wrong, or at the wrong time/interval all revenue streams that come from your D2 Printer will shrivel...

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Why A Custom T-Shirt Makes The Perfect DIY Halloween Costume

With Halloween right around the corner, have you started giving some thought to your costume? Maybe you’re on a budget and dreading the idea of spending gobs of money on an outfit you’ll only wear once. You may want to consider making your own Halloween costume this...

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Want A New Way To Express Your Style? Look To Shirt Pickle

Do you want to gain more control in the way you express yourself? Shirt Pickle provides a fun and creative space to design your own custom shirt at an affordable price. Specializing in small order, direct-to-garment printing, Shirt Pickle allows you to bring your own...

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Celebrate This Independence Day With Your Own Custom T-Shirt

It may not officially be summer yet, but it’s definitely not too early to start making your Fourth of July plans! Why not celebrate this Independence Day with your own custom t-shirt? Designing your own t-shirt will allow you to express your style and create a holiday...

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10 Tips For Designing Your Own T-shirt

Graphic t-shirts are a great way to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. Sure, you see funny or cute designs at mall stores but think of the THOUSANDS of other people buying that same shirt. How can you stand out when your purchase will only make you blend...

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How To Make Wearable Art From Your Coloring Creations

Adult coloring pages are a fun way to create a new piece of wearable art on a shirt or tank this summer - and I'm here to show you how.  The movement of Adult Coloring as art therapy for overworked and stressed out grown-ups is in full gear and shows no signs of...

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